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On the 16th of April we are co-hosting an inaugural event, Investor-Ready Masterclass, for 20 of our most valued clients who have strong growth strategies.  At the event we will be introducing you to Private Equity Gateway Group [PEGG], a private equity firm who has extensive experience and expertise in achieving growth for Australian businesses whether via direct private equity capital injection, mergers and acquisitions, worldwide distribution strategies or other capital raising activities.  
During the 2.5 hr interactive session PEGG will be sharing with us the various growth options available to businesses; the pitfalls, opportunities and tips on how to present your business to investment parties.  Often, businesses only get one chance to attract the right growth option.  The outcomes of the event will enable you to develop the holistic competencies you need to be investor ready. You can read more about Investor-Ready Masterclass at:
The event is free to Best Practice Investor Ready members and their Accountants and is being held at the Royce Hotel, 379 St Kilda Road, Melbourne at 7.30am for 8.00am start, concluding by 10.30 am.  If you would like to secure a place at the event you can register here. I suggest you commit ASAP as this is truly a limited offer and we expect seats to fill fast.

Imagine having your own private team of internationally recognised experts assisting you to master your succession plan, raise capital or maximise the capitalisation of your trade sale for a market premium when its time for you to exit.  For over twenty years, I have been assisting business executives, owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their ultimate objectives prior to retirement including Mergers and Acquisitions, Management Buy Ins and Outs, Pre-IPO preparation, Franchising, and are delighted to have created a premium service over the past two years called "The Investor Ready Program"

Participants are discerning business owners that realise their companies are on the verge of being hard to sell on the open market for their full value and want to create longevity for their customers and loyal long standing emplyees AND an ongoing passive income and finanical windfall for themselves and their families as the ultimate outcome.

At present, our Investor Ready Program is only avaialble to premium quality SME's nomniated by a Best Practice Approved Accountant.




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