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"If we want to have more than we've got then we must be willing to become more than we are" - Jim Rohn


Clients must know of the realities of personal growth and change as well as being preprared to "get uncomfortable" with regularity in order to achieve their goals and dreams.  

Today I am only willing to work with people that are seriously out to achieve something more.  I have little time for "victims" that prefer to blame their circumstances and do not take full responsibility for their reality, nor take themselves seriously failing to pursue their full potential.

Business Coaching is not easy if the client only wants to hear what they want to be told.  From my experience, I believe that as a Business Coach, you have to be willing to lose the client in order to get them to where they really want to be in life.  By this I mean the Coach must be willing to take risks when required and tell the absolute truth rather than take a payment and allow the client to drive the agenda aimlessly etc.

Phillip (below) is someone I am proud to have been able to work with privately and also on a group basis :)


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