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The ability to learn Faster than your competitors......

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The Ability to LEARN faster than your competitors may be the only SUSTAINABLE competitive advantage

Arie de Gues Author ‘The Living Company’

In a world where demand on innovation is at an all time high, perhaps the future of our very own business survival will be our ability to learn and apply knowledge and adapt to change more frequently.

Online learning is no longer a nice to have.  Instead we must refer to learning systems as 24/7/365 applications that can expand the capabilities of ourselves and our talent pools like never before.

The biggest challenge I see for not only the online learning sector but also for its customers is the delicate balance between relevant content that entertains versus providing a pragmatic learning environment that focuses on vocational impact and implementation.

End user expectations are;

1) immediate,     2) impatient   and      3) time sensitive

But how will these expectations limit learning ROI?

If we all buckle to the whims of the end user, quality will continue to decline, ROI will lack legitimate measurement, and overall learning integrity will become a theory based world.


Vocational education and learning must not lose sight of the origins or integrity which motivated the development of the course content in the first instance.  That is, we intended to make the world a better place through our content and its relevance.


Making sure there is some form of action plan you intend to measure or follow up on is the logical take away likely to fall from grace as the online learning opportunity the industry itself presents to budding entrepreneurs rapidly muddies the waters once considered hallowed ground of tertiary educational institutions.


Will online course content providers be more concerned about commercialization than program quality or learning outcomes?  Already a significant trend is emerging suggesting the quickest buck to be made in the future is to create then sell your very own online short course.


One thing for sure is that no one really cares if you are beaming about your $49.00 spend on a short course on how to bake a cake or give your co-worker constructive feedback if they're selling thousands of these programs although one perspective is that social media may in fact assist those creating value no different to the Author whom sells more books only after the title has achieved best seller status.


I believe the quality of the content alone will no longer win the day in the very near future.  Instead it will be the quality of the Learning Management System AND the programs content combined which will deliver learning outcomes and genuine value to the vocational education sector and it's customers/students.


I've included a one minute video of a system we've been developing privately which may offer window into the next generation of online learning management systems and what types of vocational educational content will remain relevant and deliver effective outcomes for end users.

Please note, I'm not giving up all my secrets on this right now however, more to come soon!  :)

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