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Recruiting Better People

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Hi, John Peterson from Best Practice. Today, I’d like to share a really important insight with you about the need to really hold on to the concept of recruiting better people than the average Joe.


(Recruiting Better People than the Average Joe)


What do I mean by that? Every small business deserves, and every small business owner, deserves to attract talent and to create an environment that’s going to work for you as a business owner rather than you having to work for it.


(Attract Talent)


(Create an Environment which Works for You)


You can’t do that without really good people. In fact, even outstanding people.


(You Can’t Do That without Outstanding People)


Funnily enough, there’s plenty of outstanding people out there if you’re willing to be patient. One of the things I see happening way too often is business owners that will just take first okay candidate that comes along that attends a job interview. I really encourage you not to do that. It’s much more important to hang in there, be willing to meet a few people, and put them through a proper screening process and get your advertisement right.


(Proper Screening Process)


(Include Insights to Attract Quality People)


Make sure that there’s some sort of insight in there that can attract quality people to your organization. For example, if you quote your own personal vision for what you’re trying to build as a company and what you want the business to become, you’re much more likely, if that appears in your ad, to attract talent who wants to help you achieve that.


(Talent is Inspired to a Challenge)


Talent is inspired to a challenge and a task or a journey ahead and mediocre people are in fact repelled by such a concept.


(Mediocre People Are Repelled by It)


That’s a naturally easy way to start to attract talent and sort of separate the weak from the chaff. So think about that.


(Be Clear on What You’re Trying to Achieve)


Make sure you inspire people through being clear on what you’re trying to achieve rather than talking about the candidate that you want.


(Focus on Your Business Not the Person)


Focus on where you’re trying to take your business, not the person you want. That’ll attract talent to you. That’s all for now. Thanks for your time again. Don’t forget to either “Like” these videos down below or subscribe, so you don’t miss out on the weekly videos and I look forward to sharing with you soon.

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