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Is Success Eluding You or Your Practice?

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I would like you to consider an elite athlete in any sport.  The fine line between winning and losing is often only a few millimetres, or a few seconds.  Even more intriguing is how the top team or individual in any sport can suddenly be toppled by another, or lose their edge in an instant.



Sometimes business is just like sport.  You can feel like you’re getting smashed all over the place, and that your best laid plans are just not working for you.  Your business isn’t growing, or your team aren’t improving in their ability to succeed you in your day to day activities, there is just no end in sight.

And yet, often in such cases what I find is that Accountants and Business Owners are literally only a few millimetres away from success - they just don’t know it.



Unless you’ve moved to the mountains to hug trees for a living (I’m sure this would be a wonderful existence but I’m too busy right now trying to make a difference to people’s lives) then you’re probably like me and everyone else out there.  Everyone lives busy lives today.  The pressures of life compound, one objective or issue piling up on top of the other, to the point that we have so much “noise” going on in our lives, that staying focused sometimes can feel like an impossibility.

For many, the invention of the digital age has compounded the problem.  More devices, more internet sites, social media platforms, opinions and distractions are further overwhelming and distracting us. It’s not just the baby boomers who are stressing out, even some dynamic younger professionals tell us that they can struggle, even though they may be considered better “adjusted” to interact with, and juggle, their social media commitments. Getting the “real stuff” done on a daily basis that leads to making money, as well as driving rather than surviving is still an issue for them also. 



I too was once completely overwhelmed with the journey ahead. In my case, I had to find a way back from losing more than $1M in my core business, right before the GFC hit (yep, what great timing).  At first I felt like I was in free fall, and there was no bottom to the pit I was falling into.  Then I remembered this concept I had heard from Anthony Robbins once; that sometimes success can only be a few millimetres away.  I had no one else to lean on, and with a young family and a lovely wife at home taking care of our babies, I needed to step up and out of the conundrums I had either consciously or subconsciously allowed to become my fate.



So, how would I go about maintaining my focus to keep the wolves at bay and start a slow but steady climb back to success?  I needed to have laser beam focus 24/7. When you lose more than a million dollars and your turnover drops from $2M down to $400K, suddenly a $1M deficit turning over $400K seems like an impossible hurdle to overcome. Back then, as demoralising and demotivating as it was, I had no choice but to survive. No matter how depressed or down on my self confidence I was, at least for my young family’s sake it was essential to turn it around.  I started looking for every possible micro step that was in fact positive, and kept acknowledging these “millimetres” that were occasionally working out for me.



The biggest insights came from planning. Planning enlightened me to the smallest issues (the millimetres) that led to the biggest problems. The more planning I committed to in the turnaround phase, the more I learned about what I had done (or not done) wrong, and the more clearly a way forward became.These few millimetres would make all the difference.

Accepting that you don’t know what you don’t know can be a difficult pill to swallow, even when you’ve come from a Fortune 500 background and advised many top 100 Australian companies over many years.  But the truth is that small business (or at least owning and running one) is far more difficult than either working for, or consulting to, big business. Those of us who have run a small business from inception to its ten year anniversary will confirm this to anyone! Although, once you have made it to your ten year anniversary you’re in the minority because less than 10% of start ups world-wide make it to their 11th year!



Gaining that edge that propels you onwards and upwards is an amazing thing to do, and I highly recommend it.  For me, Anthony Robbins was right: the difference between success and failure was literally a few millimetres.  Turning that into a proven system, however, that I could document and share with you and thousands of others, would take me much longer.

Today, I’m proud to say that I’ve cracked the code and anyone can follow it.  It’s a simple and proven recipe. It does not come without challenges or the occasional emotional struggle, and it does require you to learn a few new things to ensure you get there.  However, none of the things I had to learn were (in hindsight) actually difficult.  In fact, they were easy to learn.  The only difficulty was coming to terms with my own need to de-train and retrain myself, to stop allowing ineffective behaviours to sabotage my own journey.



I have gone one extra step now and created a “connect the dots” system for anyone to follow, that will ensure that you get there. It’s an exercise system for you and your business. Not only do you get fit mentally, but your business also gets into shape - eventually becoming a business that works for you, so that you don’t have to work for it.



July 9th sees the world-wide launch of my first book on Amazon.  To celebrate, I am touring to Australian capital cities to run a three hour workshop which covers the key insights in my book. For anyone that wants to come along to the workshop, you’ll get the book as an added bonus for attending.  We also have some webinars on this month, which offer some of these insights regarding the few millimetres that make all the difference between success and failure.  


Upcoming dates for Discovery Workshops: 

1st July

6:00pm - 9:00pm

(Melbourne Time)


 LIVE Discovery Workshop

Seasons Botanic Gardens,
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14th July

5:30pm - 8:30pm

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 LIVE Discovery Workshop

Country Comfort Inter City Hotel,
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21st July

5:30pm - 8:30pm

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Brisbane Riverview Hotel,
Kingsford Smith Dr & Hunt St, Hamilton QLD 4000

28th July

6:00pm - 9:00pm

(Sydney Time)


Live Discovery Workshop

Novotel Sydney Central,
169-179 Thomas Street Sydney NSW 2000




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