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How to Reduce Stress as a Business Owner? – Finders – Minders Grinders

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One of the things we (as business owners) tend to do is put a lot of weight and responsibility on our own shoulders and we don’t necessarily follow the rules of scalability because we’re so worried about doing the right thing and relying on ourselves.

 “If it is to be, it’s up to me”

 It’s in our basic nature to rely on ourselves, but at some point, working smarter rather than harder and learning how to use your team, your employees to help you get the work off your shoulders and create more scalability for yourself to reduce your own stress and your own workload pressure is worth serious consideration.

 I once worked with a fellow whom at 46 years of age, experienced a mild heart attack from working more than 70 hours a week.  Although he had a team of capable employees, he was a genuine expert and fell into the trap of “doing it himself” over and over.

When you kept taking work off employees and just doing it yourself, you’re really disempowering your own journey to master your own business.

So think about this, in any business in any industry, you really need to have three levels in your business. You need to have a leadership level, a managerial level, and the employee level.

(Leader, Manager, Employee)

If you think more like I do, then it’s a finder, minder, and grinder level.

 (Finder, Minder, Grinder)

That helps you to get your mindset right about what you really need in your business. You see, 4% of the things you do are really difficult to replicate.

That’s the finder, innate, years of experience that you’ve developed. Talking to clients, having expertise that you’ve developed up, they can take a long time to transfer some of that high level expertise and capability that you have.

But you’ve got to think about these three levels and look where the work should be done, finder, minder, and grinder.

The grinder level’s where all the work should be done. Start out with this new mantra. This mantra is that 80% of what you do can be done by somebody else 100% of the time.

When you take this approach, you start to look at your employees much more favorably as assets instead of looking at them as people that give you the least amount of their time and energy. You’ll be astonished how valuable your employees not only can be, but how interested they become in helping you take your business where you want it to go.

So at the grinder level, 80% of your headcount should be at the grinder level, only 16% of your headcount should be at the minder level and only 4% of your staff or your headcount should be at the finder level.

(Finder 4%, Minder 16%, Grinder 80%)

Small to medium organisations often end up too top heavy. We have too many people in the minder level, and not enough grinders actually getting the work done.

I’m not intending to be derogatory in the terminology. I want you to adjust your mindset to appreciate the value of having a team getting the work done at the right level.

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