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How to Attract Your Ideal Customer

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First we need to know exactly who our ideal customer is before we can have any realistic shot at attracting them.


Attracting your idea client is not as hard as you might think. That doesn't mean you can do nothing and hope they will come to you, you will have to do some work to make this happen.


You have to be willing to clarify what you want to earn and know which client profiles can afford to pay you what you want to earn.  This includes both your client profes and also your products and services.  If you think this is just not possible then check out what lawyers pay for IT services when compared to the typical SME.


Your definition of your ideal client needs to be quite specific if not precise.


For example my ideal client is any accountant or business owner that wants to improve their business growth, achieve a quality succession plan one day, whilst at the same time improving their work life balance (yes all 3).  Also my ideal client is sick of doing it the hard way and wants help from experts so they can take the most direct route possible to achieve these things.  My ideal client also includes accountants or budding entrepreneurs planning or wanting to start their own business the right way and again, are willing to listen to and learn from someone that has done it all before them.  People that respect a proven formula for success and want access to this.  They must also be willing and able to pay my fee to compensate me for my time and knowledge.


If someone doesn’t want this level of guidance or is unwilling to pay me a fair price for my time and knowledge then they will not get nor deserve my time or concern in return.


And by the way, an A class client isn't so unless they a) love what you do b) are grateful for your contribution c) pay you what you want to earn d) and pay you on time 


This does not mean I shy away from charities or pro bono work for I'm actively involved in both.  It just means I make sure my core business is self sustaining before I try to save the world from hunger or educate a community I'm passionate about helping.


After all, philanthropy is a beautiful thing and from what I can tell, the people capable of making the most difference tend to be the ones that can afford to do so, so let's bury that non-serving belief that you don't deserve to target A class client profiles once and for all.




You have to become attractive first in order to attract what you want into your life.  


Now please don't confuse  this statement as one of being superficial for its quite the opposite.  Walking tall with a smile on your face does in fact help however if this is only skin deep then you may experience only limited results.  You, your firm, and your own way of life both personally and professionally can either repel people away from you or become a magnet, drawing people to you, your products and your people.


The first rule of attracting the right clients is becoming attractive yourself first. 


The second rule is to believe and accept that you are fully deserving of this outcome.  Self belief and self esteem must not remain limiting factors for you.  I say this because over five hundred site visits to accountants taught me how limiting your own self confidence and self belief can be at times.


You deserve success and success deserves you.


Getting your brand, your products and services and your materials that tell this story looking good with quality information in them is the next step in becoming attractive.  You don't have to spend your life's savings on this either.  We have seen and also created great looking brand, website and product strategies for less than most of you might believe possible to look great and represent yourself well.




A brand - your ideal client relates to

A website - that speaks to your ideal client

A product - that solves your ideal clients problem

A brochure - that explains all of the above

A checklist - that engages and extracts the right information from your ideal client


Even if you have only half baked these five above, by just having them you will most likely be amazed at how much more potent you will become. 




What do you want your customers to feel and experience when dealing with you / your firm?


How Do You Want Customers to Perceive Your Firm?


What Do You Want Them To Say About Your Products and Services? What Provlems Are You Going To Solve for Your Customers?


What Will They Say About Your Prodicts / Services and What These Do For Them?


By answering these questions we can go a long way to defining what our brand and marketing messages need to be.  If you answer these questions first and keep them as a frame of reference then all of your future marketing initiatives will become much easier.

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