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If you are a business owner or planning to start a business, then I have a compelling message to share with you in my Best Selling book "The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery".

I have studied the rates of business success and failure worldwide and the facts are alarming.

In Australia and the USA, our small business sectors provide 47.5% and 52.5% of all jobs respectively and since the Global Financial Crisis, our small business economies have been shrinking at approximately 1% each per annum.

That means that one of our most important sectors for employment is going backwards. That is not good for our economy, or for Australia or America's future.

Put simply, 90-92% of starts ups fail because they don’t know what they don’t know about what it takes to be successful in business.

I have studied the mindset of entrepreneurs for more than twenty-five years. From humble beginnings, my fascination with business success was first discovered in the Advertising industry, which later blossomed in a Fortune 500 consulting company career and then in rapid growth environments as CEO in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

My perspective on business success includes dismal failures along with significant triumphs. My personal values resonate throughout the companies I own and these values are evident in the behaviours and passion that every single employee demonstrates on a daily basis.

Some lovely feedback from Grant and Jonathan below in their reading of my brand new book..thank you both :)



Now a #1 Best Seller on Amazon!