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People of Influence - I thank you

I decided to acknowledge you all in alphabetical order. You’re on this list because you have been very special to me at some particular point in my life.


Anthony Robbins

Andrew Smith

Bill Kelly

Bob Proctor

Brendan Burchard

Brett Lander

Brian Tracy

Bryant Ham

Curtis Lewsey

Dale Carnegie

Dan Kennedy

David Hickman

David Lurie

David Schwartz

Denis Waitley

Earl Nightingale

Evelyn Mollenberg

Gayle Hardie

Greg Braden

Jack Canfield

Jack Stuk

Jack Zenger

Janet Parsons

Jennifer Nielsen

Jeremy Bennett

Jillian Barrie

Jim Liascos

Jim Rohn

John Matthews

John Maxwell

John Robertson

John Vine

Kevin Kruse

Julian Zotti

Les Brown

Les Pickett

Mark Phin

Mary Ignatidis

Michael Parsons

Mikta Jaswal

Parmajit (Peter) Sarai

Paul Lamont

Paul Malone

Prue Shipsides

Robert Knott

Rod Smart

Ron Collins

Roger Smart

Ron Spencer

Russell Ryan

Steve Davies

Steve Pasfield

Terry Macdonald

Tom Macdonald

Troy Hart

Troy Williams

Vic Ruth

Vicki Corbett

Wayne Dyer

Zig Ziglar

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