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John Peterson's track record in assisting businesses to achieve rapid Growth and Succession Planning is second to none.

A self- made, serial entrepreneur; John is the founding Director of a number of privately owned companies in Australia, including Providence BSM (Buy, Sell, Merge), Best Practice Marketing, Providence Advice Services, and Cashflow Momentum.

John has studied the mindset of entrepreneurs for more than twenty-five years. From humble beginnings, John’s fascination with business success was first discovered in the Advertising industry, which later blossomed in a Fortune 500 consulting company and then in rapid growth environments as CEO in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

His perspective on business success includes dismal failures along with significant triumphs. John’s personal values resonate throughout the companies he runs and these values are evident in the behaviours and passion every single one of John’s employees demonstrates on a daily basis.

John is most proud of creating the "Best Practice Program", the world's only Fortune 500 business education, coaching & mentoring program affordable to small - medium businesses.  Revolutionary in that the program offers every business owner the opportunity to pursue & achieve Business Mastery.


A self made Entrepreneur with various business interests spanning 14 years of ownership, John’s own businesses have been independently valued by venture capitalists in excess of $16M with all of them operating without any bank debt or overdraft facilities. John’s has spent the last 20+ years helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners tranform their personal and business lives and achieve Growth, Succession & Work-Life balance through Fortune 500 Adult Learning Methodologies that have traditionally never been available (or affordable) to Small to Medium Businesses. 

John is the Founding Director of Best Practice & Providence BSM and has 20 plus years experience with Change Management and Organisational Consulting.

John has worked and lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and provided Nationwide consulting to sectors including Accounting, Advertising, Banking, Construction, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Manufacturing, and Mining.

John’s consulting experience includes strategic planning, management consulting, growth strategies, succession planning, culture change, mergers & acquisitions, M & A integrations, process management, productivity improvement, executive search and selection, buy/sell facilitation and negotiations.

John has assisted many professional services firms (large and small) to achieve successful outcomes. His track record in assisting businesses in rapid growth and succession planning in particular is second to none.

John’s areas of expertise include:

  •  Business Development
  •  Capital Raising & Value Maximisation
  •  Cash Flow
  •  Culture Change
  •  Diagnostic Reviews
  •  Due Diligence
  •  Growth Strategies
  •  Leadership Training & Development
  •  Marketing
  •  Mergers & Acquisitions
  •  Performance Optimization
  •  Preparing for Sale
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Selling your Business / Professional Practice
  •  Succession Planning
  •  Selling Options

Best Practice & Providence BSM were John’s brainchild that derived themself from the response to the demand within the Accounting Profession. John observed a gap in the industry noting the average Sole Practitioner age over 50 years and without a succession plan in place. Alarmingly, the Accounting profession at large also does not have a succession plan, nor does its’ clientele. John’s response was the formation of Best Practice & BSM. Since the success of Best Practice & BSM, John has been invited to speak in a number of conferences and industry networking events; his most recent being a series of workshops for Best Practice on Change Management.

John is most proud of creating the "Best Practice Program", the world's only "Fortune 500 quality" business education, coaching & mentoring program affordable to small - medium businesses. Revolutionary in that the program offers every business owner the opportunity to pursue & achieve Business Mastery.


In 1996 John was inducted as an employee into Zenger Miller Corporation, a world leader in Organisational Change. John had the privilege to be chosen to be personally mentored in Australia by Zenger Miller’s M.D. (Rod Smart) and by the world acclaimed Jack Zenger, considered a world expert in the field of leadership development, and is a highly respected and sought after speaker, consultant, and executive coach (

The Wall St. Journal named Zenger Miller one of the 10 best suppliers of executive development in the world. Jack has authored or co-authored a number of highly acclaimed books and dozens of articles on leadership, productivity, e-learning, training and measurement.

Jack has instilled passion and inspiration into his teachings and has empowered John with a unique folio of knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership development, organisational behaviour change, and productivity improvement.

John’s most substantial example of growth in recent times was the HBOS expansion of their Bank West businesses whereby John and his team acquired 88 senior banking executives nationally in less than two years.


Married and living in Melbourne; A doting father to three beautiful children, the youngest of which is 5 years of age. John coaches his sons in basketball & football and is passionate about playing cricket and enjoys spending time with family and friends.


To my mum (Carolyn) and dad (Ivan) for raising me. Looking back and coming to appreciate the role of parenting myself, my core values are immovable and I stand for something and I can thank you both for these.

There have been some amzing people that have influenced my life both professionally and personally. None of them however, have taught me about what really matters as much as my wife Kimberley. Our journey together through the ups and downs of fourteen years of business ownership and starting a family through this is not easy to fully appreciate.

Kimberley’s support has always been there, even in my deepest darkest moments of being truly lost and depressed. You stood by me and still do today. In the words of The Warren Brothers (singer songwriters), “you make me want to be a better man”.

To my three children Jordie, Noah and Lily, I thank you for giving me the greatest gift of all that no money or business success could ever buy. You are what life is really about and I love you with all my heart.








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